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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Board pets?

No, we do not board pets. We provide in home services to ensure your pets are happy, safe, and stress free in the comfort of their own home. 

How will I know the service was provided?

If security cameras are not present we provide a follow up text message after every Check In if requested. Some clients prefer social media (Snapchat or Instagram) so that they can watch their pets on their feed live. We do ask permission to post photos or cute videos of pets. Keep in mind we do not share content that will give away personal information such as your name, location or social media account (no tagging or mentions) for the safety of you, your pets, and your home.

How do I pay?

We accept Cash, Checks, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay. and Cash App.

Will I know who will be watching our pets?

Yes. Once a Meet N' Greet is scheduled, you will meet your pet sitter along with a backup sitter. We like to ensure you and your pets get familiar with your pet sitter and everyone is comfortable with each other.

Can you bring in our mail and packages?

Of course! We include this with our service unless instructed otherwise. If we see packages we will retrieve and bring inside for you. We will also bring in your trash can if you are still away on trash day.

Can you water my plants or yard?

Although this is not part of the pet sitting service, this is something we can do for an additional fee.

Can I book on a Holiday?

Absolutely!!! Holidays do have different rates and require a deposit. contact us for pricing.

Please note our Holidays fill up quick. If possible, please book a few months early. Please note our Cancellation Policy below.

Do we need to provide food and drinks for overnight sitters?

No. We only require food and water is provided for your pets. We provide our own food and beverages; however, our sitters generally eat prior and after a service.

Do you provide transportation for pets?

Yes! Just ask us and we will provide a quote. 

What if my pet has an emergency will being pet sat?

During the Meet N' Greet, we will gather emergency contacts and Veterinarian information. If Vet information is unavailable, we will ask for a vet you prefer us to use.

What if a sitter is bitten, do you provide insurance?

Our sitters are covered. To be extra safe, we require a Meet N' Greet so that your pets can get to know us and are comfortable with us when we see them again.


Cancellations within 2 weeks of scheduled booking may result in loss of deposit.

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